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Urban Retreat | June 22 | 12:00 -5:00 pm | The Spoke Club

Find your peace and escape the noise of city life in our Quiet Room, where you can sit through a guided meditation or in silence on a meditation cushion. Make your way to the rooftop and enjoy a snack or journal, and book your Mindful Spa treatment on a beautiful rooftop terrace.

We advise you to arrive early for registration as the treatments are first come first serve! Our event is choose your own adventure style, therefore please note some booking times, because of scheduling, may occur during the Conscious Conversations. Please book accordingly.


kriss grcic | traditional today

As a Registered Chinese Medical practitioner and acupuncturist with over 10 years experience in downtown Toronto and Upper Beaches, Kriss delivers compassionate and skilled care to her clients. Her goal is to promote living and healing, traditionally – today.
Kriss uses acupuncture, Chinese herbs, tui-na massage and cupping therapy to heal and prevent illness. Her main areas of expertise are pain relief, stress reduction and women's health including pre/postnatal and fertility. Client's also benefit from Kriss' customized SKIN DEEP and BEYOND cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

"I facilitate an effective, easy to follow treatment plan, so that my clients have the tools that they need to live their best lives."

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Tata Harper & province apothecary facials, Health hut

Tata Harper Treatment:

Experience Tata Harper's completely natural and results driven skin care line with a 20 minute custom facial.  Discover the products best suited for your individual skin and leave with her signature dewy glow.

Province Apothecary Treatment:

Receive a 20-minute custom mini facial and massage with an expert from local skin care company, Province Apothecary. You will get the change to chat about your specific skin care needs as they customize the experience just for you, and leave feeling rested and rejuvenated!  You'll get to take home samples of the line, too.


Jessica Miller, Tarot

Jess is a seasoned Tarot reader, Reiki energy healer, home organizer and intuitive. She's also  the creator of Soulfire Sessions, a line of botanical body care products and eco-friendly soy candles. Her products and services support her clients in connecting with their peace, purpose and personal power.


Tarot readings offer clarity and insight into relationships, health, career and life path to reveal challenges and opportunities and invitations to heal and grow.

Where to find Jess:

Kula Yoga Annex

IG: @soulfire.sessions

FB: soulfiresesssions


Kait Fowlie, reiki

I am a tarot reader, level 2 Usui reiki practitioner, moon watcher, dreamer, and creator. My work is about helping others connect to their personal power and live with intention.


A reiki session can help restore balance in your mental, emotional, and physical body. During a session, I send reiki (or, pure life force energy) to each of your energy centres. Benefits include pain relief, stress reduction, clarity and calming of the nervous system. Take a few minutes for you, activate your body's natural ability to heal.


Nicole Foulis, Hair by Miss Nicole

Hairstylist, Yogi and Traveller. Miss Nicole has been in the industry for over 20 years and is hoping to make the world even more beautiful, one head at a time.


Scalp massage with or without essential oils to stimulate or relax. Refresher blowdry/style all while we discus syour hair and what is best for it.

IG: @hairbymissnicole