Conscious Conversations

Urban Retreat | June 22 | 12:00 -5:00 pm | The Spoke Club

Curious how you can start living more mindfully? Not sure where to start? We understand that making the shift can be overwhelming.
At our Urban Retreat, you will have the opportunity to sit in on our Conscious Conversation series where we chat with our panel of sustainable fashion designers and mindful living influencers to share the A-HA moments that shifted their mindset towards more mindful living. Discuss + learn what actionable steps you can take towards a more sustainable life. This is a ticketed event.

The Designer Panel

We’ve gathered a group of some of our favourite designers to discuss the compassion aspect of sustainable fashion in the form of caring about our environmental impact in our production processes can have and caring about the artisans and makers that have put their energy into making our goods. We’ll introduce you to the Slow Fashion Movement and how we as brands want you to shop our collections and speak to the self-love component when dressing yourself, why do we design or buy the way we do.


Kristi Soomer, encircled

Kristi is the founder of Encircled, a line of ethically made apparel that helps women do more with less. Previously, Kristi worked for 10+ years in management consulting, retail and consumer packaged goods focusing on building brands, and igniting growth in large retailers.


ani suzette, simply suzette

Ani Wells, Owner and Founder, created Simply Suzette for fashion and more specifically, for denim-lovers to shop guilt-free. After graduating from a post-graduate fashion management program, Ani was mind-boggled when learning about the consequences denim production has on people and our planet. Everything is give and take. You don’t have to be a human rights activist to care about the person who made your jeans, or an environmentalist to know our consumerism habits have to change.



The Influencer Panel

Are you following along? In conversations with our influencer panel we’ll be chatting wellness “trends” and how to look beyond the label, their experiences transitioning to more mindful living, and how they make kinder choices on a daily basis. Don’t feel like you need to make changes overnight, our influencers will inspire you to make one small change that can make a huge impact on our planet. It’s a process, and for some it’s not easy, and our influencers are a testament to that.

Jessie(24of26) (2) (1).jpg

jessie atma, @atmathings

Jessie is a radical bad-ass tarot just kidding.  She’s so much more than that. Jessie has been speaking about spirituality's potential relevance in the world of mental health for over ten years now.  She's been able to better understand the two worlds through her own life experiences as well as through the eyes of thousands of clients that visit her for guidance and energy clearings.  She's been popularised as a tarot reader and reiki healer, but she would beg do differ and call herself an alchemist of emotions instead. Jessie is also the owner and creatrix of Atma Things, a brand of lux body products that focuses on self-care and mindfulness.


elle sikorski, @ellevatehealth

Elle is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist and mama to one rambunctious toddler. She is a multi-passionate woman, but nutrition and understanding how the body works is really her passion. Through her own personal journey, she has healed her body using strategic, natural tools and techniques. Now she’s ready to help others! As a new Mom, she understands that wellbeing is a journey. She hopes her expertise will inspire others to choose nutrient-rich foods and the right products to create a happy, healthy and sustainable home.