When Mothers & Daughters Work Together, Mindful Magic Happens

Doe and Fawn offers self-care products that help with relaxation during regular sleep, yoga and traveling. Some of our favourites include soothing eye pillows, as well as hot/cold therapy pillows in various shapes and sizes. Special-edition pieces are infused with natural dried lavender for extra soothing aromatherapy.

We connected with Doe and Fawn founder Christine Lieu, who is a multifaceted designer with a background in product design — she loves integrating creativity into everyday life and has a passion for creating experiences through forward-thinking strategies that impact people in the most memorable way…


Q: What was the inspiration behind Doe + Fawn?

A: The inspiration behind Doe and Fawn comes from my mom's suggestion one day when she said, "let's do something again". Having her own floral company in the past, she was retired for a few years and wanted to take on a new creative project. Our whole family has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so we decided to turn my mom's passion for making heat-pads for her friends and family into something that was meaningful for the masses. At the time, I was also in search for the perfect eye pillow and wanted to make a custom one for myself, as I found that the regular ones on the market were either too heavy or too light. I made a bean-shaped eye pillow filled with wheat and natural dried French lavender and it fit so well on my face that I decided I wanted others to have one too. My sister joined the team when we decided to make a small run of our product line and we landed on the perfect name Doe and Fawn — Mother and Daughters.   

Q: Why is self-care important — and what should we be wary of when it comes to "self-care products" in the modern world? 


A: Self-care is so important to us at Doe and Fawn. It is one of our top priorities as a relaxation-goods company! In fact, our mission is to focus on self-care and self-love as a catalyst for spreading happiness to others who are in need of TLC, in hopes of creating a community that can come together to collectively spread the message that taking care of yourself first is the key to everything else.

Q: What are some of your favourite ingredients to soothe anxiety and stress?

A: One of our all-time favourite ingredients to soothe anxiety and stress is lavender. Lavender is known to have soothing and calming properties that drastically help reduce daily stress symptoms that are directly linked to anxiety and depression. Sleeping with our Lavender Bean Eye Pillow will help you fall asleep faster through natural aromatherapy and it also blocks out any light that may hinder deep sleep. In addition, our new Relax Essential Oil Roller contains a beautiful blend of lavender and bergamot essential oil, so rolling that on your pressure points will also help calm your nerves in any stressful situation.

Q: What does "retail therapy" mean to you?

A: Retail therapy means allowing yourself to indulge in gifts for yourself or the ones your love, by shopping for meaningful and well-sourced products that aren't part of the ever-prominent disposable society of fast-fashion.

By: Kiki Athanas, Wellness Expert & Educator @ MEbyKiki.com

Kiki Athanas