Plants With Purpose


Burlap & Lace Florals is a mama-owned local business who supports local Ontario flower growers while growing their own seasonal gardens. They love what they do and cannot wait to tailor next seasons flower beds to something that will create the most unique floral designs for their clients. Sustainability and supporting other local small businesses are very important to their business, whether it be floral arrangements or event design, the focus is to create a look and feel that is tailored to your specific needs.

We were lucky to grace our guests at our summer 2019 Retail Therapy event with florals from Burlap & Lace, but that got us thinking: how can we ensure our floral bouquets are bringing JUST joy — with absolutely no harm? The founders of Burlap & Lace were happy to share in complete transparency tips & tricks when it comes to shopping for flower goodness!

Q: How can we choose florals mindfully? (i.e. with minimal harmful impact on the environment)

A: There is a lot you can do as a floral consumer to select flowers mindfully. Choosing seasonal blooms is the easiest way to do this — just talk to your florist about what’s in season. We at Burlap & Lace Florals select seasonal flowers first to create the base of our designs, then compliment with greenery we know is either in the garden or always available, and add in anything in a specific colour, tone or texture to complete the look or add in any must-haves our client is looking for. 

Always choose Ontario-grown products first, as there are plenty of farms and greenhouses that make local product very accessible.


Q: What are your fave sustainable plants?

A: We love having perennials in our gardens — there are so many bushes, herbs and foliage that can grow in our climate year after year with little to no maintenance. Spring-flowering bushes are the best; lilacs and mock orange are some of our favourites this time of year, next come peonies in the early summer and annuals, and dahlias & zinnias in the fall. Indoor plants are a great option too, as they purify the air and adding green life to your space tends to create better energy and reduce stress — amazing!

Q: What are your top tips for building a bouquet with a PURPOSE:

A: When it comes to building a bouquet, we look for texture and movement. Pick out the flowers and colours that you love, and think about how they compliment each other and work together. Start with some statement flowers and build out from there, add in texture colour and greenery throughout as you build the overall shape of your bouquet. You can also think about different dimensions, having some things overlap, or at different heights just adds extra interest and shape to what you are creating. We love a garden style of arranging so at Burlap & Lace Florals we tend to select as much texture and greenery as we do signature blooms — it all adds to the romance and overall feel of your finished bouquet. 

On a final note...

“We love how flowers can speak to our personalities — it’s something we absolutely love to do and bring something extra special to our clients by customizing our growing gardens to their specific event. We love planning our gardens to the specific colour palettes of our upcoming weddings and events, we always have our gardens in mind when we are planning and designing and this is something we love to share — it's truly a passion and so rewarding to see come to life!

We encourage everyone to think about seasonality and how to tailor your mindfulness to think in seasonal shifts.”

By: Kiki Athanas, Wellness Expert & Educator @

Kiki Athanas