An Intro To Breathwork for More Mindfulness

How often are you breathing? I mean, actually breathing. Deep, mindful, belly breaths that truly oxygenate your entire being? Likely it’s not as often as you think. In fact, many of us go about our busy schedules and it’s almost as if we don’t have time to truly, deeply, BREATHE! 

Look, I get it — something that’s so natural and automatic doesn’t always make our top priority list and that’s understandable. With that said, once you do tap into harnessing the power of your breath, the results can be breathtakingly awakening (no pun intended). 

Jennifer Mansell, a somatic coach and breathwork facilitator, teaches us how (& why) in our latest IGTV, where I chat with Jen all about breathwork — including a couple morning breathwork tips if you’re feeling low energy vs. flighty and anxious. 

For a deeper dive into Jen’s breathwork journey since starting her breathwork workshops, here are her thoughts:

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“My life has changed so much since beginning facilitating Breathwork. I have a much greater understanding now of what it means to truly hold space for someone else and how to really support people instead of doing the work for them. I have learned to deeply trust the body and its wisdom. I am constantly inspired by people’s willingness to go deep inside and explore their inner worlds. I feel hopeful and delighted that this free tool is available to help us heal and let go of our past wounding so we can find more joy and freedom. I feel like this work called me into leadership and has taught me the power of leading by example and believing in people’s ability to heal themselves. I feel very blessed to be able to hold space for people’s deep transformation and to facilitate this work. I feel like I have access to a secret tool that most of the world doesn't know about.”

As for Jen’s own self-care and mindfulness practices, she has many! 

“My most recent and favourite one is giving voices and expression to the many parts of me that live inside me. Each day I sit with myself and ask if there are parts of me that want to speak and communicate. If they have feelings they would like to share. Sometimes I see a little girl, sometimes I see an angry teenager. I just try and give these parts of me space to speak and ask them what they need. Usually they have lots of feelings to share and I just let them vent. This has radically changed my life and has brought me so much more peace to my daily life. I often feel like we are constantly trying to run away from these parts of ourselves when really they just want to be heard.”

For further breathwork goodness & more from Jen, check her out on Instagram, and for those of you in Toronto, tickets to her next Breathwork Ceremony can be found here:

By: Kiki Athanas, Wellness Expert & Educator @

Kiki Athanas