Spirituality meets self-care (and why things are just the icing on the cake)

Jessie Arora is a radical bad-ass tarot reader....no, just kidding.
She’s SO much more than that.  

Jessie has been speaking about spirituality's potential relevance in the world of mental health for over ten years now. She's been able to better understand the two worlds through her own life experiences as well as through the eyes of thousands of clients that visit her for guidance and energy clearings. She's been popularised as a tarot reader and reiki healer, but she would beg to differ and call herself an alchemist of emotions instead.

We recently connected with Jessie of ATMA Things to get her take on retail therapy - from a mindful perspective...

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Q: ATMA Things is a brand of lux body products that focuses on self-care and mindfulness - why is self-care and mindfulness important to you?

Self care is a catalyst for mindfulness, and mindfulness is a catalyst for self-care. It’s a chicken or the egg type of question. We are not able to feel our best while being depleted by life's myriad of expectations and obligations. Self-care is vital to instilling back into ourselves what we can't receive from others: Peace. When you're at peace with yourself, or at the very best, a peaceful place of balance and integration, it's easier to be self-reflective and mindful of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. Self-Care and Mindfulness are incredibly important to me and the foundation of Atma Things because those are two practices that make humans better people, kinder, more compassionate, and that is better not only for ourselves, but all humankind.

A: How can we turn to shopping // products for spiritual and mental well-being? Is this even possible?

Absolutely nothing external is NEEDED for spirituality and well-being other than how you use your mind and your body, however, tools to help integrate practices and habits are helpful to fuse spiritual experiences through mind, body, soul. Some great examples are, when I write in my journal the neurobiological process helps to assimilate information through my body. When I use incense the aromatherapeutic factors and trigger my nervous system to relax. When I use candles to meditate it helps me set the mood to wind down and focus. When shopping for products it's important to ask ourselves if the practice of well-being/self-are is dependant on material things. Buying things that are purely aesthetic or spending money on yourself that is purely aesthetic is the contrary of spirituality, but can often seep into the grey area of self-care.

Q: What are some things/products you are extra "mindful" when it comes to buying?

A: I am incredibly mindful of the food I buy mainly because it is the only source of sustenance this body can actually process and use. Beyond that I am mindful not to purchase things that are unsustainable, endangering species of any kind, leather products, products that can't be reused or recycled, and products that release excessive amounts of toxins. Keep in mind that there are some things that are more expensive to buy when we seek out the healthier eco-friendlier options, but chances are those things last longer so you're getting your monies worth.  Things like bamboo toothbrushes, paper straws, glass jars, soy candles, hemp artifacts, etc...The list is endless.

Q: What's your version of "retail therapy" and why?

A: My version of retail therapy is blocking off time for myself on a Friday night, hitting up a local cafe for a sweet treat, going to the movies or an art exhibit, or perhaps booking in a spa day for myself and treating myself to a massage and acupuncture. One of my fav retail therapy sessions consists of hanging out at a bookstore with a good cup of coffee. I speed read about ten to twelve book jackets and then choose the one that will come home with me. It's like speed dating but with a book full of knowledge. I do enjoy some good shopping too but I prefer to lean towards staples/basics that I can reuse and last me for a minimum of two to three years. I prefer to spend my money on experiences rather than things.  


Guests at our upcoming Urban Retreat will be hearing Jessie speak first-hand about all things “social consumerism”, “need vs. want”, and the Eastern philosophy of attachment to material things, in one of our highly anticipated panels facilitated by Wellness Expert & Educator Kiki from MEByKiki.com.

By: Kiki Athanas, Wellness Expert & Educator @ MEbyKiki.com

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