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By: Kiki Athanas, Wellness Expert & Educator @

Why shop consignment? Stella from Haute Classics sees it as the smartest way to get your hands on designer goods for a fraction of the cost.


Consignment is a great way for people to style on a budget. It’s not only smart, but it benefits everyone. On one end, people get to unload their items that they have lost interest in while making some extra cash. On the other end, they get to take advantage of these finds at such affordable prices.

Consignment also allows you to shop for more unique pieces and pushes you to experiment with new designs and to not restrict yourself to follow only current trends.

Haute Classics was co-founded in 2007 by best friends Stella Yoon and Rachel Han and has since grown rapidly to be known as the leading designer consignment business in Toronto. While upholding a strong reputation as carrying the classiest and most sought after gently used goods, Haute Classics is praised by both customers and clients alike for providing a fun, professional shopping experience with luxurious taste.

Each item is hand-selected based on their look, feel and style, but most of all for genuine quality and guarantee of 100% authenticity.  All items originate from reputable retail houses, collectors/consignors and vintage dealers that ensure to capture timeless appeal.

We caught up with Stella to learn some of her favourite sustainable style tips, fashion icons, and what “retail therapy,” means to her.


What are some tips for staying "on-trend" whilst also being conscientious to your budget and the environment?

1. Buy vintage/consignment. We all know past trends always make a comeback. Some people would be surprised how much iconic and hip items you find in Vintage & Designer Resale shops. Not only is it affordable, but if you’re lucky you can find some unique one-of-a-kind pieces. It’s all about the thrill of the find!

2. Invest in staple pieces that have longevity and are versatile to wear. You want items you will actually wear, preferably ones that you can wear all year round. We all know fast fashion doesn’t last long, so why splurge when it may only last one hot minute?!

3. Always choose quality over quantity. While good quality fashion comes with a higher price tag, the long term effects on the environment are greater. Cheaper items not only don’t last long, but you will be spending more to replace the damaged ones. It’s smarter to save and invest in quality items, so you buy less.


We at A Mindful Collective are always on the lookout for designers that make us feel gorgeous - not guilty. Stella from Haute Classics agrees, and shares the following 2 fashionistas as her go-to “holistically fabulous” style icons:

Stella McCartney

I love her designs because they exude luxury and beauty, all while staying eco-friendly. I admire her for reshaping fashion in this direction through her use of alternative materials and approaches to fashion production. She is definitely someone who pushes boundaries and thrives to deliver her brand’s mission.

Rag & Bone

Who doesn’t love a good denim? I’m often a T-shirt and jeans type of girl, and their design is effortless and allows you to dress simple, while adding a bit of edge. They have a denim recycling program that’s very convenient. Customers can donate their old jeans to any of their stores so they can be recycled.

What does "retail therapy" mean to Stella?

Retail therapy to me is therapeutic. It is a mood booster. Shopping generally brings joy and soothes the soul - so when I see my customers shop, I always view it as a positive thing. They’re often looking for a “pick me up” gift or something to reward themselves with - who wouldn’t want to help someone fulfill those needs?! I see it as harmless as long as it’s done in moderation and within your means.


Check out some great finds from Haute Classics at the upcoming Retail Therapy vendor market on June 22nd, 2019 at the Spoke Club. Grab your ticket here.

Kiki Athanas